If you are in the process of planning your next vacation or are considering taking a trip to somewhere interesting, you owe it to yourself to take a close look at Denbighshire. Denbighshire is a lovely area with quite a few things to see and do.

Rhuddlan Castle

Many people find that an ideal addition to a vacation is the chance to tour and old building such as a castle or church. The history of these places is always fascinating and it is quite often the case that the architecture is like nothing you can see on a more modern type of building. In Denbighshire you can indulge this desire by visiting Rhuddlan Castle. Rhuddlan Castle is designed in a concentric pattern and has a very interesting appearance. This beautiful old building was built in 1277 during King Edward's time.

Welsh Mountain Zoo

Another popular tourist destination is always a zoo, and Denbighshire boasts the Welsh Mountain Zoo. The Welsh Mountain Zoo is an important zoo to the area in that it has a number of endangered animals that it protects and allows people to see. The zoo has many walks to discover and has some beautiful scenery. The Welsh Mountain Zoo is very family friendly as it is geared toward entertaining children with a children's farm. In addition to the children's farm to keep children interested there is also an adventure play area for children. The Welsh Mountain Zoo is one attraction you will not want to miss during your vacation to Denbighshire.

Outdoor Activities

If you feel like castles and zoos are alright but you'd like to do something more active in the great outdoors, you will be delighted to know that there are opportunities of this nature as well. One activity that the outdoor enthusiast likes in this area is whitewater rafting on the rivers of Denbighshire. Similarly, canoes are available to rent and can be a lot of fun.

You really can't go wrong with a visit to Denbighshire. Whether you stay for just a few days or make a longer trip of it, your trip to Denbighshire will be one you will remember.