Craigavon is a small, planned community in Northern Ireland. It is close to Belfast, Ireland and the population of the Craigavon metropolitan area is 60,000. Craigavon was created in 1965 as a planned community between the cities of Lurgan and Portadown. The developers who built Craigavon designed bike paths that allow cyclists to travel around the city without encountering automobile traffic. There are plenty of things to do in the Craigavon area.

The most notable tourist destination in the Craigavon area is Lough Neagh. Lough Neagh is the largest freshwater lake in the United Kingdom. Outside of being a spectacular sight to see there are plenty of recreational activities that you can take part in around Lough Neagh. The wetlands and shores of Lough Neagh attract birdwatchers from around the world due to the number of unique birds a tourist can encounter in this small area. Lough Neagh also attracts recreational boaters and fisherman; particularly eel fisherman.

Outside of Lough Neagh there are other outdoor recreational options for tourists. The Blackwater Canoe Trail is a twenty kilometer canoe trail. This trail will allow you to paddle out to Lough Neagh and possibly as far as the Irish Sea if you are willing to venture off of the trail. This is a perfect example of a family recreational activity in the Craigavon area.

There are a number of golf courses in the Craigavon area for tourists. Craigavon Golf and Ski center features a golf course and a man-made ski slope for tourists to enjoy. There are a few other golf courses in the area such as the Edenmore Golf and Country Club, the Lurgan Golf Club, and the Portadown Golf Club. The variety of golf courses will attract avid golfers to the Craigavon area.

Golf isn't the only sport to partake in while in Craigavon. The Superdrive Motorsports Centre is a tourist attraction as well. This attraction features outdoor go-carting and rally car tracks. The rally car track allows tourists to drive actual automobiles around a rally track. There are various grades of rally racing and those who can race at the highest level will enjoy the real-life racing experience. This is probably the biggest attraction in the Craigavon area.

Whether it's Lough Neagh, golfing, or motorsports; tourists will find something to enjoy in Craigavon. There's something for everyone.