Clackmannanshire's Main Sources of Revenue

In Clackmannanshire most people make their living by means of agriculture or brewing, there is even a little glassmaking while tourism is becoming more and more yet another source of income. It is also a great connector city, especially with the reopening of passenger trains in 2008.

The Alloa Tower

The Alloa Tower once belonged to the Clan Erskine's, the Earls of Mar and Kellie. It is impressive with extra thick walls and its own original timber roof with battlements. The Earls of Mar is a position created for the provincial ruler of Marr. There are many features to explore in this tower including a dungeon, a built-in stone well and a vaulted beamed ceiling. Famous artwork by renowned artists such as Van Dyck and Henry Raeburn are showcased alongside period costumes, silver, china and home furnishings. There are a total of four floors at the tower and stories to hear. The tower is open from the end of March until the end of October while other dates can be booked by special arrangement. There are additionally special events for both Easter and Christmas, an Easter Egg Hunt and a Christmas Fayre.

The Menstrie Castle

Combining three storeys, the Menstrie Castle was the abode of Sir William Alexander who was the 1st Earl of Stirling as well as one of the founding fathers of the Canadian Nova Scotia. The next owners were the Holbornes who were made to be Baronets of Menstrie. This castle has been vastly renovated due to damage incurred through fire and aging. The Menstrie Castle's first floor is part of a local tour that includes another castle, the Castle Campbell and three towers.

The Castle Campbell

One of the most imposing castles around, Castle Campbell was named for the 1st Earl of Argyll who was Colin Campbell. First built in the early fourteen hundreds it was remodeled at the upper levels about 1600 with new vaulted and carved ceilings. Historical guests such as Mary Queen of Scots and John Knox among other important figures were visitors at one time or another.

The Ben Cleuch

The Ben Cleuch is found in Ochil Hills which were formed through lava expulsions. The Ben Cleuch is the highest hill of the group of hills at 721 meters high. The Ochil Fault is another interesting geological component of the area where seismic activity unearthed minerals or ores like silver, cobalt, diorite or quartz. The Ochil Hills are also great for mountain bikers.

Myreton Hill

Myreton Hill is a part of Ochil Hills and is a good walking path for accessing the Hills. It is not that favorable for sightseeing as other hills in the area are higher but it is ideal for para-gliders as the gradual slope makes for easy climbing with all that equipment.

The Sauchie Tower

The Sauchie Tower is a Category A listed building as well as a Scottish Scheduled Ancient Monument. Sir James Schaw built it after getting married as he had married Mary de Annand who was an heiress. The Sauchie Tower is found near the village of Fishcross and near the town of Alloa very near River Devon. It is four storeys with a corbelled parapet walk and bartizans on its top corners.

Hotels in Clackmannanshire

Lovely hotels, at times developed from renovated castles, provide tourists a place to stay as they explore the area. Broomhall Castle sports medieval decor as well as more modern kinds of it, the blending of it all leaves lasting impressions among guests of the hotel. It is found in Long Row, Menstrie, Scotland. As a bed and breakfast, the Kennels Cottage calls for repeat visits, it is found in the village of Dollar in Scotland. Also, in Dollar is the Castle Campbell Hotel with elegant dining and an extensive collection of 70 malt liquors to choose from.