Cambridgeshire is a perfect holiday destination for people of different age groups. Some of the popular attractions in Cambridgeshire are offered below.

Paxton Pits

Paxton Pits natural reserve center contain exhibits of mammoth bones that have been excavated recently. It contains a wide variety of animal and bird species that cannot be seen in other natural forest areas.

Ely Museum

Visitors can see a wide range of exhibits including Roman pottery, Anglo Saxon Jewellery, Victorian artifacts, and dinosaur fossils. It has been maintained by the concerned authorities with great care. Other historical treasures such as the Viking memorabilia can be found in this museum.

Linton Zoo

This Zoo contains a number of endangered species. It has a huge collection of wild animals and endangered birds and insects. Visitors can enjoy seeing the lemurs and tigers from a close range.

Technology Museum

Here, tourists can understand the experience the evolution and development of various technologies such as the evolution of the steam engines and the development of internal combustion engines. The museum also chronicles the creation of electricity and other devices that are based on electric power. Visitors can also see the gigantic Victorian machinery that were used during the industrial revolution. Letterpress printing equipment can also be seen in this museum including the hand operated presses and power presses. This museum is actually located in an old sewage pumping station.

Cambridge County and Folk Museum

For people interested in knowing the life style of the Cambridgeshire people some 400 years back, this is the right place to visit. There are more than 20,000 objects kept in this museum as artifacts. The museum provides a number of facilities for people willing to know more about the past history of Cambridge such as providing fully-equipped education rooms for people to come and learn. There is also a souvenir shop located in this museum selling sports items, toys, gift items and cards belonging to a bygone era. The museum is just a five minute walk from the city center and is located at the corner of Castle Street and Northampton Street.