For those looking for an enjoyable vacation spot, Buckinghamshire is sure to fill the bill. Buckinghamshire is a good vacation spot because it has some of the more unusual activities around.

Midsomer Murders

What, a murder as part of a vacation? Indeed, this is a unique activity that you can take part in on your trip to Buckinghamshire. The popular series Midsomer Murders is filmed in Buckinghamshire, and many people have found a great deal of amusement by exploring the areas of the shows. A good way to do this is to get a route guide which will help you plan your trip from site to site. It doesn't hurt that there are some really good pubs along the route as well. You can also get an episode guide to take along with you on your trip.


For those who enjoy wandering through the peaceful beauty of a well-kept garden paradise, Cliveden is absolutely not to be missed. There are miles of walking paths available and the landscaping is stunning through all the seasons. An especial treat is a large maze that you can wander through and hopefully be able to find your way out in the end. A fun fact about the maze is that it consists of one thousand one hundred yew trees. And the garden has over 25,000 bulbs planted every spring and summer.

Bekonscot Model Village and Railway

Another unique destination in Buckinghamshire is Bekonscot Model Village and Railway. Whether you want to see the model railway out of casual curiosity or if you are a hardcore railroad fan you will like Bekonscot Model Village and Railway. And by the way, if you are following the trail of the Midsomer Murders, Bekonscot Model Village and Railway is one of the locations, from a 2009 show, so you will find yourself here.

Buckinghamshire is a travel destination that is really not like almost any other place you can go. Where else can you follow the trail of a murder show, lose yourself in a maze and become a giant in a model village all in the same trip?