Berkshire is a county located in the south of England, approximately thirty minutes away from central London, with Oxford also in close proximity. The county of Berkshire is of particular note as it is considered to be one of the oldest places in the UK, and indeed the whole world. The county itself is most famously known for being home to Windsor Castle, one of the homes of the Royal Family and a piece of history that should be seen by all. There is a large number of historic buildings located in Berkshire and this is certainly considered one of its main attractions as a tourist destination.

The Royals

For many visitors to the UK, the royal family are a source of much fascination. It's easy to see why - they are an institution that has an extremely rich history and occupy spaces of the country with magnificent buildings. Windsor Castle is an active place of residence for members of the family, including the Queen. Windsor Castle does conduct tours where visitors can get a truly unique glimpse into the way royals live along with other artifacts and jewels which are on display for public viewing. Arguably, Windsor Castle offers a much more in-depth look at royal life than Buckingham Palace does in London, although the latter does hold a certain iconic status.


Berkshire residents love to have fun, and this is well represented by the sheer number of activity programs that utilize the open spaces available in the county. There are a number of paintball programs that allow equipment hire and a place to shoot, as well as thrill-seeking programs such as Go Ape at Bracknell. Go Ape has highly skilled instructors that take groups out to the woodland and shows them how to zipline, cross make-shift bridges and other highly adventurous forest tasks.

Sports and Games

Berkshire is a great sporting county and is home to the soccer team Reading Royals - the stadium is located in Reading and also showcases rugby and occasionally other sports. Another highly popular sport here is horse racing - the enigmatic Ascot races happen in Berkshire and are a great way to spend a day or even just an afternoon. Ascot is a national tradition and many people come from all over the country to dress up nice and have a fun day in the sun.