There are plenty of places to visit for travelers coming to Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland.

Belfast Castle Estate and Cave Hill Information Center

Cave Hill has been closely associated with the image of Belfast as the hill can be seen from any point within the Belfast city. Belfast Castle is located close to the Cave Hill. Cave Hill contains five caves and each and every cave contains artifacts that are of great cultural and historical significance. Cave Hill information center is located in the second floor of the Belfast Castle.

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

This museum would take the visitors some 100 years back by show casing the structures that were in Belfast some 100 years back. Visitors can actually walk around these 19th century structures including cottages, farms, schools and shops. There are visitor guides, dressed in costumes belonging to that era, ready to help the travelers by explaining the significance of the different artifacts placed in this museum. Visitors can also experience the steam locomotive that was used during that period. They can get in to a real steam locomotive that has been preserved in this museum. Similarly, the museum contains other transport vehicles such as horse drawn carriages, electric trams, motor cycles, fire engines and vintage cars.

Belfast Zoological Garden (Zoo)

Belfast Zoo is the leading visitor attraction among the different attractions in Northern Ireland as it draws nearly 300,000 visitors every year. It recently won an award for being the top attraction in Northern Ireland. Popular attractions in this Zoo include Asian Elephants, California Sea Lions, Malayan Sun Bears, Massive Ant Eater, Sumatran tigers and Kangaroos. The zoo also has a children’s playground and several designated picnic areas.

Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast is a must visit destination for travelers in Northern Ireland. This is an amazing 6-floor building that chronicles the birth of the Titanic ship, its construction stages, first voyage and eventually the tragic end. Visitors would be thrilled with the voyage to the underwater exploration center that actually holds the parts of the actual ship wreck that have been recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The exhibition halls feature nine state of the art galleries containing the artifacts of the crew members and passengers.