Bedfordshire is a county in the east of England, located close to other popular tourist destinations such as Oxfordshire, Greater London and Cambridge. Bedfordshire, as a tourist destination, is very family orientated and is highly recommendable to those with small or even older children. While there is a healthy night-life scene, the sheer number of parks, zoos, activity programs and educational museums really sets this county apart as a fantastic and entertaining place to host a family on vacation.


Bedfordshire is a great place to come see wildlife, both in captivity and in the wild. The best zoo around, and some may argue the best zoo in the country, is Whipsnade Zoo. This absolutely huge zoo is home to thousands of animals and can truly take a whole day to explore. This zoo is also very educational-orientated and kids will love taking part in fun activities to learn more about the animals. Regular feedings can be witnessed and on some days children are allowed to help feed the animals at the zoo.

The Great Outdoors

There are some fantastic parks in Bedfordshire that are entirely suitable for hiking, strolling, or having a family picnic. Parks of note include: the Harrold-Odell Country Park, Wrest Park and The Forest of Marston Vale. These parks are all wonderfully taken care of and at the right time of year they will look spectacular with the flowers in full bloom. It's absolutely worth taking a few days on a vacation here to explore the parks system as each one has its own unique identity.


With an eclectic selection of restaurants, Bedfordshire has something for everybody. For those wanting a traditional English menu, St Helena serves wonderfully authentic British meals in a uniquely British setting. For those wishing to try something hotter, there are a number of Thai and Indian cuisine restaurants available, most notable perhaps is the Bengal Brasserie which serves generous servings of incredible Indian dishes.

Bedfordshire is a fantastic place to visit whether you are young, old, whether your interests are to be relaxed or to be thrilled - there's an attraction there for pretty much anybody. It's a typically diverse British city, and the international airport located there (Luton) only adds to the overall convenience.