Bath and North East Somerset is an area that has been given its own status as a standalone district for political purposes - to help split up the areas of a county for polling. From a tourist’s point of view, the main attraction here is Bath. When travelers talk of visiting this area, they will frequently simply refer to it as Bath. Bath is considered one of the most historically relevant cities in the UK as it contains some of the oldest, most breathtaking architecture that spans several centuries. What sets Bath apart from other cities with similar historic claims is that it also has many modern attractions and amenities available - offering the best of both worlds.


Anybody visiting Bath absolutely must visit the Bath Abbey. This Abbey is grand in every sense of the word - from the astoundingly tall and magnificent ceilings to the impeccable stain glass monuments - this abbey is one of a kind. Additionally, there are other places of worship that are interesting from an architectural standpoint. One of the most famous buildings in Bath, and indeed the entire UK, is the Roman Baths site. This Roman design is home to the famous green bath where many religious rituals were carried out, and there is a distinct feeling and essence of a bygone era on these premises.


Bath is known for the many museums that it maintains and exhibits all year-round. Some museums of note include Astronomy museum, The Jane Austen Center, and The American Museum. The American Museum may be of particular interest to US tourists as it is often considered to be one of the best museums showcasing the history of the United States. Many artifacts of the civil war can be found here, and the museum does an excellent job at educating in a unique and interesting way.

Night Life

As well as being a quaint, historic city - Bath is also home to some pretty exciting night-life. Clubs such as the Komedia offer live music, club nights and a casual drinking atmosphere. Those looking to infuse the classy theme of the city with some late night partying might consider OPA - a beautiful venue that serves fantastic food and offers a fun, party atmosphere.

Bath is a wonderful place to visit as it is able to combine the rustic, quaint charm of small-town history with the modern relevance of boutique shopping and fine dining in the center of town. On a visit to the UK, Bath is somewhere that everybody should spend at least half a day exploring, as it's almost impossible to get bored there.