Banbridge is a beautiful town in the Northern part of Ireland renowned for exotic art galleries, natural heritage sites, angling clubs, historic buildings, tranquil beaches, majestic mountains, and museums. It is situated close to the River Bann and it is a fantastic tourist spot for visitors. Banbridge is a very peaceful town and it is a wonderful place for both youngsters and aspiring professionals to settle down in life. Banbridge enjoys a cool and pleasant weather throughout the year with very low levels of humidity and precipitation.

Some of the popular tourist attractions include the Dromore Mound, McWilliam Studio, Legananny Dolmen, Lisnagade Fort, and Fergusons Irish Linen Centre. The Dromore Mound is a stunning castle built by John de Courcy during the Norman Period. It is a natural heritage site that has a defensive tower at the top of the mound. The Dromore Mound attracts visitors from all over the world and it is a great place to spend the weekends.

The McWilliam Gallery is dedicated to the country’s most influential sculptor and exhibits some of the finest artworks of Ireland. It is located in Newry road and tourists can buy beautifully handcrafted products at the gallery. The Legananny Dolmen is a gorgeous megalithic monument that is situated on the hills of Slieve Croob. It is the burial ground of a chieftain. The Legananny Dolmen is open throughout the year and there are no entry fees for visitors.

The Lisnagade Fort is one of the best preserved forts in the world. The private enclosures, entrenchments, and the circular earthwork are a delight to watch. This monumental site is believed to be built around 350 AD and it is situated in the townland of Lisnagade. Tourists should definitely visit the Fergusons Irish Linen Centre. Banbridge is famous for linen production and this linen centre gives tourists a valuable opportunity to witness the weaving, hemming, and specialist cutting of linen. The linen centre is open on all weekdays and both children and adults are allowed.

The calm neighbourhood, sociable people, lovely weather, and the breathtaking natural heritage sites make Banbridge a great tourist spot for visitors.