Located in County Antrim, Ireland; Ballymena has a population of just under 30,000 residents. With a name meaning “the middle town land”, Ballymena is perhaps best known for hosting the largest one-day agricultural show in all of Ireland at the Ballymena Showgrounds. Most of the local attractions in Ballymena are restaurants, lounges, pubs, and bars.

Popular Eateries in Ballymena

There are plenty of different cuisines represented in Ballymena, with something to please even the pickiest of palettes. High Street 51 is perhaps the most well-known and popular restaurant in the area and operates from breakfast to late night hours. At this restaurant, customers are free to bring their own wine, though there is a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits available on tap. The menu selection is varied and moderately priced, with a la carte options and a children’s menu.

The Cafe Couture, located on Mill Street in Ballymena in the center of the town, is a unique combination of interests: clothing AND food. That’s right, while perusing the racks in search of that one of a kind retro find, visitors can also fill their stomachs with ice cream, coffee beverages, toasted sandwiches, and salads.

When you think of Ireland, you may not think of pizza, but one of the most popular restaurants in the area is Milano’s. Giving customers the options to bring their own alcohol, Milano’s presents a bistro atmosphere and offers the standard pizzeria fare.

A Variety of Cuisines

As mentioned previously, there is a restaurant in Ballymena that is sure to please every palette. More specific and ethnic cuisines are adequately represented in this city. The Manley Restaurant is well known for its Chinese cuisine and especially for its seafood dishes; while the Go Sun Restaurant also serves Chinese food but offers the option for delivery.

Spice is probably the most popular Indian restaurant in the area and offers delivery options in addition to an extensive and varied buffet selection. The Khayber Restaurant is another popular option in the area for Indian cuisine and features an upscale variety of Tandoori, Tikka, lamb, seafood, and poultry dishes.

Whether it is pizza, ice cream, Indian, or Chinese - the restaurants in Ballymena have something for every palette, every budget, and every occasion.