Armagh Planetarium is one of the long standing observatories in United Kingdom. Since its inception 200 years ago, this planetarium has been attracting the attention of the tourists visiting Northern Ireland. This planetarium is situated on top the college hill. In addition to the observatory, there is also an exhibition hall that contains a lot of interactive displays and also the equipments that has been used over the years for star gazing. Planetarium also conducts a 3D video show about the stars and the planetary system using latest 3D technology.

Another important destination in Armagh is the Navan fort. This fort is one of the most important historical monuments in Northern Island. In order to know the history of the fort, visitors can approach the Navan center. This information center has got all the details regarding the historical significance of this fort including the exhibits of the king’s stables, skull of a barbarian ape and long trumpet horn. The exhibit also traces the changes in appearance of the fort from the Bronze Age to this day. The theater in the fort runs videos on the legends who have occupied this fort.

St Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral is located on the hill near the Cathedral road. It took 37 years to complete the construction of this cathedral due to severe famine between the years 1836 and 1873. The structure is a delight to watch with twin spire tower on top of the stone and rising all the way up to the door. Gulliver’s Travels public library is another significant place to visit in Armagh. This library was funded by Archbishop Richard Robinson. This library got its name due o the fact that it has got the first edition signed copy of Oliver Swift’s Gulliver’s travels. It has old coins and bells collected by the Archbishop as part of its collections.

The Armagh Mall is a pretty place to visit. The name of this place is quite misleading. This is actually a park containing a series of trees with Georgian Terrace houses surrounding the park. Many years back, this park was used as the venue for horse racing, cock fighting and bull baiting.